Adrenaline Rush Adventures. Where to find them.

5 Adventure Holidays to Get Your Pulse Racing

Looking for a holiday that will earn you and adrenaline rush and unparalleled bragging rights? It’s time to sidestep the wine tours, relaxed beaches, and international bucket list travel destinations, in favour of some home grown, heart-pumping pursuits. Check out our top 5 adventures, all guaranteed to insert a healthy dose of tachycardia into your travel agenda.


No self-respecting list of adrenalin-fuelled Aussie adventures would be complete without sharks and crocs. Here’s two of the best/worst.

Diving with Great White Sharks, Port Lincoln, SA:

Seen all the doco’s and eager to get your suit wet with a bit of mano-a-sharko action? At Port Lincoln, the team at Calypso Star have put together just the adrenaline rush adventure you’re looking for. The only one-day charter operator with license to berley, Calyspo Star is the shark diving tour most likely to attract Great White’s to their vessel, with you treading water alongside. If being mistaken for wounded flounder by the world’s largest and most successful predator sounds like the sort of thing that will keep your boat afloat, visit


Cage Croc Feed experience, Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, NT:

Another favourite pulse-raising, adrenaline rush encounter of the animal kind is Australia’s only crocodile dive, brought to you by the guys at Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove. With a brand spanking new cylindrical enclosure offering 360-degree views of the feared and revered reptiles in their natural element, brave punters don goggles and descend into the crystal clear water where a 5+ metre descendent of T-Rex awaits – during feeding time of course!



If you prefer your adventure with a bit more sweat and a lot less near-death action, here’s some good old-fashioned physical activities that will get your pulse racing and provide jaw-dropping natural scenery to boot.

Rock climbing & abseiling in the Grampians & Mt Arapiles, VIC:

Have you taken to forgoing elevators and climbing stairs just to get some extra kicks? Instead, test your skills on the sheer cliffs and rock formations at the Grampians National Park in South-West Victoria. The Grampians are home to hundreds of exciting climbs, especially the stunning pinnacles and bluffs of Mt Arapiles, the most popular climbing and abseiling destination in Australia.



Hiking the Larapinta Trail, NT:

If you prefer stretching your legs horizontally rather than vertically, you’ll love the challenge of the Larapinta Trail, one of Australia’s most visually spectacular bushwalking and trekking experiences. At 223 kilometres end to end, Larapinta has 12 sections ranging from 9.1 to 31.2kms in length and broken up into single and multi-day treks, where you’ll have to hike upwards of 15 km a day just to reach the next water refill and bush camp.


No Holds Barred

 If you crave the sweat AND the screams, with a bit of sightseeing sprinkled around the edges, consider putting this 13-day adrenaline-fuelled adventure tour on your shopping list.

 Oz Extreme Tour, Adventure Junkies, QLD & NSW

Tailor made for the traveller who wants it all! The Oz Extreme Tour from the team at Adventure Junkies includes heli-hiking out of Port Douglas, bungy jumping and skydiving in Cairns, snorkelling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, sea kayaking off Dunk Island, white water rafting on the Tully River, sailing around Whitsunday Island, rock climbing in Brisbane, and mountain biking and surfing in Byron Bay. The tour also includes all accommodation, most meals and heaps of free time to explore the more relaxed aspects of the east coast. For the full itinerary go to