Australian History is Port Arthur.

Port Arthur Convict Prison Ruins.Port Arthur is a small coastal village on the south-east coast of Tasmania, approximately 95 kilometres from the capital Hobart. The former British Penal Colony (Between 1833 to 1877), is now famous for this UNECSO, World Heritage, Historic Site around the wonderfully preserved ruins of that bygone era and and it is also infamous as the site of  Australia’s most notorious mass killing in 1996. Although Port Arthur is somewhat defined by these two solemn historical events which, in their own right attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, they are by no means the only attractions drawing visitors to this beautifully quaint Tasmanian village.

The spectacular natural beauty of the area is worth the trip alone. The rugged coastline, beautiful beaches, Port Arthur Rugged CoastLinelocal fauna, forest areas and arts and craft shops make Port Arthur a must-do day trip from Hobart, or better still, an over night stay so as to fit in all of the sites on offer in this wonderful corner of Australia.

Be sure to spend some time in the village of Port Arthur, often missed because of the significance of the Historic Site. There is so much to experience in the area that you may want to consider staying overnight; particularly as entry passes to the Site are valid for two days. Surfing, sea kayaking and bush-walking are popular and the coastline is spectacular. A short drive south of Port Arthur will take you to Remarkable Cave, a cave-like opening that leads out to sea. From here you can walk to Crescent Bay, a secluded curve of striking beauty backed by huge sand dunes. For a different view, take the plunge and dive amongst rich marine life in waters that offer some of the best temperate diving in Remarkable Cave Port ArthurAustralia and explore the local shipwreck sites. Just 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) north-west is the (also UNESCO World Heritage listed) Coal Mines Historic Site, where interpretive signs explain the harsh lives and working conditions of repeat offenders from Port Arthur who worked underground extracting coal.
Look out for Doo Town, a quirky shack community devoted to homes with a theme: “GunnaDo”, “She’ll Doo”, “Humpty Doo” – and many more.Port Arthur’s maximum average daily temperature is 18.5 degrees Celsius (65.5 degrees Fahrenheit) in January and 11.5 degrees (52 degrees Fahrenheit) in June. It is 93 kilometres (58 miles) south-east of Hobart on the A9.
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