Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing

Tourism Marketing with “Your Aussie Holiday”

Enhance your tourism marketing strategy by including your region, area, or destination on “Your Aussie Holiday”. Please fill out the form below and one of our travel writers will contact you ASAP.

You can earn substantial income from your posts. See below.

The inclusion is free, all we ask is that you validate us to the tourist oriented businesses in your region so that they might advertise on your pages.

It is our mission to include all corners of Australia on “Your Aussie Holiday”, so as to give domestic and international adventurers as much information as we can, so that they can plan their great Aussie adventures. Have your destination included on these pages as part of your overall tourism marketing strategy so that travellers can consider your region as part of their Australian adventure.

They will be able to find your destination by many varied searches on “Your Aussie Holiday”. Searches such as:

We also promote your region, on a rotational basis, on our social media platforms. FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

So please contact us and our writers will get to work on posting your destination on the site. We derive our income from charging tourist orientated businesses a small fee to advertise on your pages, so please endorse us to your local businesses.

By advertising they are both promoting their business, and your local tourism, by showing potential visitors to your region, the attractions and services available in your area.

We welcome all ideas and input from our contributors.

Earn Income from your posts.

If you wish to derive income from your postings please talk to us regarding advertising agent rewards. Sign businesses in your region to adds (See Here) … Earn up to 70% of the fees. Call Russell on 0418 750 166

If you take advantage of the free inclusion of your destination on Your Aussie Holiday, we welcome your suggestions and input of ideas to enhance the effectiveness of the site.