The Curtain Fig Tree .. 500 years in the making.

The Curtain Fig Yungaburra NQ Australia - CopyStand in awe of this 500 year old curtain fig, (strangler fig),  growing in tropical rainforest, and listen to the calls of eastern whip birds, scrub hens, and many native birds, hear the scurries of lizards, skinks, forest dragons, and native ground dwelling animals, spot a possum or a wallaby. The Curtain Fig is only a few meters from the highway, and only minutes from historical Yungaburra, The Curtain Fig Yungaburra NQ Australia (2)walk in tropical rainforest on a raised wooden boardwalk, remember some of the rainforest animals are shy and can disappear if IMAG0999_BURST003startled by noise. Quietly does it, and it will raise your chances of seeing more rainforest dwellers. There is no fee to visit The Curtain Fig, ample parking is available and the boardwalk is wheelchair accessible.

The Curtain Fig Tree is of the strangler species Ficus
these figs germinate on top of another tree and try to grow roots into the ground until they finally kill the hosting tree, then keep growing independently, the Curtain fig aerial roots drop 15 meters (49 feet) to the ground.

Stinging Tree Atherton Tableland NQ AustraliaLook to right of the boardwalk and you will see a small tree with large heart shaped velvet looking leaves, this tree is locally known as a stinging tree, and can be seen throughout the rainforest, and along the side of the road to Lake Eacham, be wary of this tree and don’t be tempted to touch the leaves as it is a Dendrocnide excels  a Giant stinging tree. Minor stings can last for an hour or two. However, severe stinging can last for months. The Curtain Fig is 15 minutes from Atherton (13.5 klms-8 miles) and 4 minutes (2.9klms-2 miles) from Yungaburra.