Karumba Outback by the seaKarumba Point beach is a perfect location to watch a famous Karumba sunset, marvel at the beauty of nature as she creates a brilliant red sky over a blue sea, the golden sun sinks like a yellow egg yolk, dropping beneath the surface of the sea, followed by an afterglow and a light blue and pink sky, a sense of calmness prevails and the birds settle for the night, the sand crabs scurry in the sand  while the sea gently laps the beach, a glorious sunset at the end of a perfect day. Fishing Birdlife Karumba PointIf you are visiting Karumba in September to November, you may see a rare meteorological phenomenon the Morning Glory cloud – roll in, like big tubes in the morning sky. Karumba is noted for its prawn trawling industry but in later years the fleet has downsized, fresh banana prawns from the gulf and barramundi are on every menu in town. Yum!!Karumba is a fisherman’s Karumba Pointhaven, anglers of all ages and gender come from all over the world, for some it is their first trip, for many it is an yearly event, all are keen to experience the thrill of catching a Barramundi, for an angler there is nothing like the feel of a Barramundi on your line, as it jumps out of the Brian Alison-Karumba Pointwater, this fish is a true fighter, and a prized catch on every anglers list.

The Karumba Community Anglers Classic is held annually,(26th to 27th  April 2014)  categories include junior and senior for several species, from Barramundi, King Salmon, Blue Salmon, Jew, Jewel, Queen, Grunter, Bream and Mackerel – plus Mystery Weight Fish and Mystery Weight Crab, Open Scale, these fish are all released as the Classic  is “catch and release only.”


Karumba Point to Karumba BoardwalkKarumba to Karumba Point walking Track is approximately 3-4 klms long, the Karumba community have worked hard and long (15 years in the planning) to complete, as it weaves through sensitive environmental areas, be responsible and take care as you walk, jog, run or bike ride along this track, an enjoyable experience, the track is flat and easy going with boardwalks providing a wonderful platform to discover the abundant wildlife, birds and P1220711fauna of the gulf country. A wildlife photographer’s opportunity as is the spectacular sunsets.


Barramundi, blue salmon, Jew fish, flathead, grunter, fingermark and catfish are some of the fish that may be caught from the beach at Karumba Point, there are several fishing charter Karumba Point Boat Rampboats operating in Karumba, with half and full day fishing charters, sightseeing, river and sunset cruises, crocodile spotting and bird watching tours. For those who have their own boat there are two boat ramps, one on the beach at Karumba Point and the other at Karumba. The Boat ramp at Karumba was built by the RAAF during world war 11 and was used to service and to load the Catalina’s flying boats, at low tide the metal rings used to moor the aircraft and the crash pads can still be seen.Karumba Point sunset


Karumba Point is the only beach in the Gulf that is accessible by a sealed road and enjoys the distinction of being the only town along the southern Gulf of Carpentaria that is within sight of the Gulf itself   (the Gulf’s expensive tidal flats prohibits settlement elsewhere along its shore)Castnet Karumba

There are two boat ramps, two Caravan Parks, six motels, a hotel, restaurants, and a fresh seafood outlet, fuel, health clinic, church, civic centre, and visitor information centre, library, police station, sport complex, Lions Park, playground, school, pool, bakery, post office, grocery stores and the Karumba golf course complete with local wallabies to make for Sundown Karumbaan interesting round of golf. All the caravan parks at Karumba Point and in the township of Karumba sell fresh locally caught endeavour prawns, crabs and fish. There a several fishing charter companies to accommodate your own fishing or sightseeing trips, or you may prefer to organise a visit to Sweers Island an untouched paradise with golden beaches, lots of birdlife and great fishing, overnight Karumba By Sue Astorquia accommodation is available and day guests are welcome.


While in Karumba visit the Barramundi Discovery Centre, managed by volunteers from the Gulf Restocking Association, here you can see the life of Cast netting Karumba by Sue Astorquiaa Barramundi, a remarkable fish born of the same gender, they can also live in fresh water or saltwater, a very adapted species, you may ask, so how does this species manage to survive? You will find the answer in the only hatchery in the world that breeds the Gulf strain of Barramundi and releases them back into the Gulf river systems.Centuary Karumba Port

Karumba is located on the mouth of the Norman River and is 71 km by road from Normanton and 2159km from Brisbane, previously known as Norman Mouth and Kimberely, the name Karumba was used by the local aborigines to describe the place and it was officially used for the township in the 1880’s

The surrounding wetlands are internationally recognised as the habitat for some of the most unique birdlife in the world, and the wetlands Karumba By Sue Astorquia (2)are also the home to the rare dugong and loggerhead turtle, the ebb and flow of the tides create spectacular estuaries, mudflats and saltpans and support a diverse ecosystem teeming with barramundi, crabs, fish and crocodiles.

Century Karumba Port is the transfer port for Karumba Point by Sue AstorquiaAustralia’s largest zinc mine, producing some 500,000 tonnes of zinc annually, ore is mined and processed at Century’s Lawn Hill site, the zinc is mixed with water to create a slurry and a single pump, pumps the slurry via an underground pipeline on a 304 kilometer three day journey to the Karumba Port and dewatering facility, where the water is Karumba Gulf of Carpentaria by Sue Astorquiaremoved and the zinc concentrate passes through a rotary dryer, before being stored in an 80,000 tonne capacity storage shed, lead concentrate is also stockpiled. The zinc is then transported by Century’s “MV Wunma” to export ships anchored offshore in the Gulf of Carpentaria, you will hear this ship’s thump, thumping under its heavy load as it passes the beach at Karumba Point on its way to the export ships waiting in the gulf.

Pelican at Sunset



A must visit for anglers the world over take in the outback and the sea all at the same time for a unique holiday to remember. “Karumba where the outback meets the sea”