Malanda Falls

Only minutes from the main street of Malanda and one of the most photographed waterfalls on the Atherton Tableland, Malanda falls has a huge pool and is a popular swimming spot for locals and visitors to refresh and enjoy a cool swim. An accredited Wet Tropics Visitor Centre is beside the car park, picnic tables, rainforest, and possible sightings of tree kangaroos are all features of Malanda Falls. malanda falls 4The falls are on the edge of the town of Malanda and only a few minutes’ walk from the main street; follow the pathway beside the Atherton road and view the falls from the bridge, a photographer’s delight for some great holiday memories. Malanda falls are on the headwaters of the North Johnstone River, the water tumbles over an ancient larva flow of basalt rocks and continues on to the coast flowing past the coastal town of Innisfail and on to Gladys’s inlet and out to sea.Tree Kangaroo There are two short walks around the surrounding rainforest in the Malanda Falls conservation park, a small forest reserve within a larger network of national parks, you can take a guided walk with an Ngadjon elder, or venture out on your own, walk slowly and quietly as the rainforest is full of wildlife, but sometimes it is difficult to spot some of the wildlife that you have come to see, you may see a variety of wildlife including the smallest of Australia’s two tree kangaroo’s species. dendrologous Lumholtz   

Boyd's Forest DragonTips for spotting a tree kangaroo, look for square ended droppings (bush Chocolates) scratches at the base of trees or a long tail hanging down from trees above and listen for movement. See the saw shelled turtles swimming in the creek or resting on nearby logs during the day. Platypus are more  likely to be seen at dawn or dusk, observe a  Boyds forest dragon  camouflaged on tree trunks, look closely to see these hidden clever dragons, don’t miss the massive crow’s nest ferns high in the trees, remember to be quiet, listen to the sounds of the rainforest and look up for these wonderful sightings.

Learn about the traditional owners of this area the Ngadjon-Jii, who welcome you to “Tutamonlin” (Malanda Falls) please enjoy your time and take care in their sacred country.

Malanda Falls is 18 minutes 20.1 klms (12 miles) from Atherton and 14 klms from Yungaburra.