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Queensland’s Capricornia

The Big Bull

The Big Bull

Queensland’s central region is known as Capricornia. as you would expect, Capricornia sits astride the Tropic of Capricorn and is made up of many wonders from the Outback to he Capricorn Coast, The Great Barrier Reef and nearby islands. The major regional centre of Capricornia is Rockhampton, known as the Beef Capital Of Australia.

Taking its name from the Tropic of Capricorn, this region is home to many remarkable historic towns and natural wonders like Rockhampton and the Great Barrier Reef. Not to mention its scenic coastline from Yeppoon to Emu Park where you will find no less than 13 warm sandy isolated beaches.

Australia’s Beef Capital

Rockhampton lies on the banks of the broad Fitzroy River. A historic city, built on the wealth of gold rushes and cattle empires, its heritage precincts protect Rockhampton’s grandest architecture while its collection of grand old pubs keeps the character of the city alive. Enjoy the history of Rockhampton as you walk down Quay Street, the longest National Trust Heritage Street in Australia.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the natural wonders of the world is just a short ferry ride from the Capricorn region mainland, once there you will be walking on sun-bleached beaches and snorkelling in crystal clear waters.


Inland wonders of Capricorn

  • The breathtaking Carnarvon National Park with Aboriginal rock art paintings and delicate ferns amidst towering sandstone cliffs.
  • Blackdown Tableland National Park, home to the spectacular 600 metre sandstone plateau with lookouts and picturesque Rainbow Falls.
  • Carnarvon Gorge

    Carnarvon Gorge

    Capricorn Caves, where you can explore the incredible above ground limestone cave system, formed from an ancient coral reef over 400 million years ago.

  • Byfield National Park where you can see beautiful rainforests, visit local artisans or hire a canoe on the Byfield River.
  • Fossicking in the Sapphire Gemfields, the largest in the southern hemisphere.

You will never forget your visit to this unique region of Capricorn where your greatest problem will be in leaving.

Great Keppel Island

Fringed by 17 miles of stunning beaches and bays, Great Keppel Island is a fun-loving resort for couples, families and travellers of all ages. Located slightly north of the Tropic of Capricorn, the island enjoys an ideal sub-tropical climate and near-constant sea breezes which, combined with

Kepple Bay Marina

Kepple Bay Marina

the crystal-blue clarity of its waters and the beauty of its fringing coral reefs, creates a holiday escape unique to the region.

Complementing the island’s 17 white-sand beaches, the resort features five swimming pools, two spas, restaurants, bars, entertainment facilities, and great free sporting and leisure activities. Already a holiday paradise for guests of all ages, Great Keppel is on track to becoming one of the most exclusive island destinations in the Great Barrier Reef following a multi-million-dollar refurbishment of the resort in late 2007.


Enjoy the exhilaration of traditional water sports such as windsurfing, sea kayaking, catamaran sailing and snorkelling as well as novel activities like the boom-net cruise, where you can experience the biggest “spa bath” ever, being towed along behind a Freedom Fast Cat. On shore, there are beach sports galore, with cricket, soccer and volleyball being popular choices.

Kayaking Great Keppel

Kayaking Great Keppel

Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a work out in the well-equipped gymnasium or a leisurely bush walk along one of ten scenic tracks, while golfers can tee off on the picturesque par three nine-hole course or try their skill in the “One Club Challenge”. Those who prefer more passive recreational pursuits can try lawn bowls, bocce, or croquet.

Take a coral cruise aboard a glass-bottom boat or enjoy a peaceful camel ride as you saunter slowly along the island’s white sands, led by an experienced camel driver.
At the end of the day, head to the Sunset Bar for a relaxing pre-dinner drink while watching the sun sink, in a riot of crimson hues, over the Capricorn Coast. Keppel’s Restaurant, overlooking the resort’s main beach, offers both indoor and outdoor dining and is open daily for buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. The popular themed buffet dinners rotate nightly so that guests can enjoy a variety of cuisine and the region’s freshest seasonal produce.

Whether relaxing on a quiet beach, indulging in some soft adventure, or going wild with the resort’s adrenaline activities, Great Keppel Island offers something for everyone.

The above information comes courtesy of Queensland Tourism, you can find more information on their website.

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