Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge is between Roma and Emerald. From Roma, drive 90km north to Injune then a further 111km along the Carnarvon Highway to the signed Carnarvon Gorge turn-off. From Emerald, drive 65km south to Springsure then 70km east to Rolleston, and a further 61km to the Carnarvon turnoff.

No fuel is available after leaving Rolleston or Injune. The nearest vehicle and tyre repair facilities are at Roma and Springsure.

The 45km road into the park has 15km of unsealed gravel surface. This road can become impassable after rain and is suitable for conventional vehicles and caravans in dry weather only. Please check with Queensland Government traffic and travel information (13 19 40) or RACQ for the latest road conditions.

Carnarvon Gorge Features

Carnarvon Gorge Moss Garden

Carnarvon Gorge is an oasis in the semi-arid heart of Central Queensland.

Here, towering white sandstone cliffs form a spectacular steep-sided gorge with narrow, vibrantly-coloured and lush side-gorges. Boulder-strewn Carnarvon Creek winds through the gorge.

A wealth of cultural and natural heritage lies within this special place. The gorge is home to a range of significant plant and animal species, many of them relics of cooler, wetter times.

Remnant rainforest flourishes in the sheltered side-gorges while endemic Carnarvon fan palms Livistona nitida, ancient cycads, ferns, flowering shrubs and gum trees line the main gorge. Grassy open forest grows on the cliff tops. The park’s creeks attract a wide variety of animals including more than 173 species of birds.

Carnarvon Gorge Wildlife

Rock art on sandstone overhangs is a fragile reminder of Aboriginal people’s long and continuing connection with the gorge. Ochre stencils, rock engravings and freehand paintings include some of the finest Aboriginal rock imagery in Australia.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping and Accommodation

Camping in the national park visitor area is available during the Easter, winter and spring Queensland school holidays. Big Bend camping area, reached by a 19.4km return walk, is open all year.

Accommodation is available just outside the national park all year round at Takarakka Bush Resort and seasonally at the Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge.

For all camping within the park, camping permits are required and fees apply.

Carnarvon Gorge Camping

Commercially operated camp sites and holiday accommodation are available all year round, close to the park. Takarakka Bush Resort and Carnarvon Gorge Wilderness Lodge are 4km and 3km respectively by road from the Carnarvon Gorge visitor centre. Both have cabins and Takarakka also offers camping facilities with powered sites.