Kosciuszko National Park

imageSrc.adapt.687.mediumKosciuszko National Park. Camberra is the closest capital city to Australia’s alpine wonderland with entry through the Namadgi National Park, and makes a perfect base for your mountain activities, winter or summer.

Namadgi park adjoins Kosciuszko National Park and a number of adjoining national parks which extend through New South Wales into Victoria as the northern reaches of the extensive Australian Alps National Parks, often known as the High Country, Snowy Mountains or the roof of Australia.

NATURE-WALK-Namadgi-National-Park-4Namadgi landscapes range from the highest peak of Mount Bimberi above snowline at 1913 metres to grassy frost hollow valleys, alpine meadows and snow gum woodlands. The geology of the park is dominated by granite with ridge tops boasting tors, boulders and spectacular outcrops. Several valleys have granite cliffs, popular with rock climbers and providing great views of surrounding peaks and valleys.

Cascades Trail, Cascades Hut

Cascades Trail, Cascades Hut

Canberra’s water supply comes from snowmelt and rainfall that originates in the park flowing into the Cotter River. Canberra is the first major settlement in the catchment so drinking water originating in Namadgi is some of the finest of all Australian cities.

If you are planning a high country visit, Canberra is a perfect destination from which to enter the Kosciuszko National Park.