York Peninsula’s Copper Coast … South Australia.

moonta_bay2Yorke Peninsular. One of the top must-see seaside destinations in South Australia is Copper Coast.  Moonta, Port Hughes and Wallaroo make up the stunning line-up of picturesque beach towns that are considered the ultimate dream holiday destinations by local and international tourists. Sparkling green-blue waters, sweeping nature views, local artists/ galleries, charming shopping spots, and an impressive local food and wine selection are just a few of the most popular attractions which keep the visitor entertained and enchanted by the region.

With the huge array of things to do and things to see on the Yorke Peninsular, a one-day visit is not enough to take in the great array of attractions which this coastal escape has to offer.  Visitors to this aquatic wonderland are spoiled for choice when selecting the perfect Copper Coast accommodation that will serve as their main headquarters as they explore the numerous attractions of the neighbouring towns.  Most of the accommodations are so conducive to blissful living, that they serve as a destination in themselves. After all, it’s not every day that you could live in spacious apartments, beautiful villas, luxurious motels or charming bed and breakfasts. All offering front side views of the most beautiful beaches in South Australia.  Most prime units are likewise located in strategic areas, allowing guests, in most cases, to easily find the next destination on their itinerary within walking distance.

 Copper Coast must-do attractions include:

Copper Coast Claire ValleyFood and Wine tour.  Yorke Peninsular is renowned for its pubs and local restaurants that serve the most delicious meals. Another foodie hotspot is Clare Valley, one of the premier wine areas in Australia, as their “fresh and crisp” local wines and rich local produce have created a cuisine specific to the region which is  increasingly earning international attention.

Copper Coast AntiquesShopping galore.  Looking for something more interesting than the mass-produced items offered in malls and department stores?  Follow the op shops, second-hand and antiques trails of Copper Coast.  You’ll enjoy going through unique antique finds, historical items, books, local produce, and charming souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else.

Copper Coast Natural BeautyNatural Beauty. Bask in the beauty of nature. Most of the time, though, all you need is to simply sit back, relax and do nothing.  All you need are sunny skies (or starry, at night), the sandy beach and the crystal clear water to confirm and declare that, indeed, you truly are in paradise.

Copper Coast CommandosLocal Action. Going on a memorable adventure via pure paintball fun.  Copper Coast Commandos is an indoor laser tag and paintball venue popular among family holidaymakers.  The indoor site features an air-conditioned, black-lit arena featuring glowing fluorescent wall paint, lighting effects, adrenaline-pumping music and a haze-filled maze. It’s a sports game, a fantasy world and an adventure all rolled into one.